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We profile prolific street artist D*Face

D*Face is one of the most important and prolific figures in the contemporary urban art scene. His provocative artwork explores the pervasive themes that characterize our modern society such as materialism and consumerism.

Using what has been described in the artist's own words as a "family of dysfunctional characters", D*Face skilfully subverts popular cultural images and iconography to create a visual environment in which satire and dark humour take the place of reverence and blind allegiance. D*Face famously proclaimed that pop art never went far enough to critique consumerism.

D*Face’s subversive take on Roy Lichtenstein’s work provides a darker examination on pop society. It may be accurate to say that if Lichtenstein had an evil twin, his work would resemble that of D*Face.

Raised in the suburbs of London, D*Face first developed an interest in graffiti art and the "urban aesthetic" when his mother bought him a book entitled "Subway Art". D*Face's fascination with the vivid imagery and anti-establishment values of the graffiti art subculture were further fuelled by his attraction to the underground punk rock world of skateboarding as a teenager. One of his early ambitions was to design skateboard graphics, a pursuit which eventually led to a degree in Illustration and Design.

After working as a graphic designer and illustrator at an agency which ironically allowed very little creative latitude, D*Face eventually launched out on his own to cut his teeth in the art world, and hasn't looked back since.

In 2005, D*Face established the London-based contemporary urban art gallery StolenSpace, which became the site for his sold-out first major solo exhibition, Death & Glory, in October of 2006.

Since that time, D*Face has enjoyed a meteoric rise to notoriety in the urban art world, having shown his work in subsequent sold-out exhibitions from New York to Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia. While his work sells regularly at prominent auction houses such as Sotheby's, Christie's and Bonhams, D*Face also continues to surreptitiously adorn various public structures around the world with his unforgettable imagery.

Photo credits: artoftheatate & birdman photos Flickr.

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