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We profile the Visionary Chinese artist Ai WeiWei

Globally-acclaimed Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, has successfully established himself as one of the most influential and controversial contributors to his field.

Noted particularly in the UK, for his dramatic "Sunflower Seeds" sculpture at Britain's Tate Modern Turbine Hall, Ai WeiWei was named the most powerful artist in the world in 2011 by Art Review’s Power 100.

He passionately wields his craft to inform, engage, and create powerful "calls to action" regardless of consequence, and he unabashedly criticizes the corrupt nature of many of the practices of the Chinese government.

During 2008's devastating earthquake in Sichuan, which claimed the lives of thousands of Chinese students, Ai WeiWei called out the government for attempting a massive cover-up of the root cause, due to significant structural issues with the collapsed building, and for the refusal to release the death statistics to the general population of China.

Ai WeiWei was eventually arrested as the result of a controversial party aimed at mocking the Chinese government, but this unfortunate circumstance has done little to stifle Ai WeiWei's creative energy, and he has continued to produce stunning masterpieces, such as dioramas, detailing his life in prison.

Ai Weiwei is currently preparing for his first major art show to be held at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts in the Burlington House art galleries on September 2015.

Through his powerful pieces and candid philosophies, Ai WeiWei has committed himself to asserting his views and helping his fellow citizens to have a voice in their countries' governmental practices, and we joyfully anticipate the continued success of his career.

At Verso we offer a fine selection of Ai WeiWei pieces including the evocative Namelist, which documents the names of the every child that was killed during the 2008 desaster.

Ai WeiWei Namelist Print

Namelist by Ai WeiWei

Medium: Color Lithograph
Date: 2014
Edition: 100

Names of the 2008 student-earthquake-victims researched by Ai Weiwei Studio, Courtesy of the artist.