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JR Eyes Print available

JR released his first ever screenprint at Studiocrombie in 2008. The piece was untitled but is commonly referred to as "Eyes". Since this initial release, JR has established himself as one of the most exiciting and sought after urban artits in the world.

JR is famed for his astute contextualisation of his works on the streets, often skewing and bringing to light societies biases. Notice how the piece provides an alternative impression of the boy's eyes when flipped upside down.

"Eyes" comes from a small edition of 50 and is indisputably his rarest to date, surfacing just once at Paddle 8 in early 2013.

JR artist Eyes Print

Eyes by JR artist

Medium: Screen Print
Signed, Numbered, Dated
Date: 2008
Edition: 50
100 x 35 cm

Flipped View