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Martin Whatson Prints & Original Artwork

Martin Whatson has become synonymous with the rise of the Norwegian street art scene. His artworks have transcended the urban Nordic landscape and find themselves adorning streets and galleries around the world. With a cult following, Martin Whatson has become one of the most collected graffiti artists in the world. We have two of his very best.

Martin Whatson Angel Mini on Canvas Original

Martin Whatson's celebrated Angel motif and has become one of his most sought after works. We are delighted to be able to offer an original Angel on canvas.

Angel Mini on Canvas by Martin Whatson

Medium: Original Artwork
Signed, Numbered, Dated
Date: 2014
Edition: 14

Martin Whatson Toucan Hand Finished White Print

Martin's hand-finished Toucan print represent's a wonderful entry point for the first-time Martin Whatson collector. The piece is hand-finished in spray paint and posca pens which makes all pieces unique.

Toucan Hand Finished White by Martin Whatson

Medium: Screen Print
Signed, Numbered, Dated
Date: 2015
Edition: 165